Financial Coach In TrAining 

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I’m looking for people who need some help getting their finances in shape, and would like a free financial coaching session.

 I’m completing my training as a Financial Coach with Hatch – the UK’s leading financial coaching provider. My next step is to get some practice with real people.

The coaching session is completely free, and we can focus on any area you like. That could be buying a house, pensions, saving for a rainy day, improving your day to day budgeting, or anything else.

I’ll then prepare some initial thoughts (with the help of my colleagues at Hatch) on what you should be focussing on, and how you could improve your financial future.

If you did want help beyond the free session, the Hatch service (including a full financial plan), usually costs £249 per year. However, since I am still in training, you would be entitled to a 50% discount (only 10 spots) I can explain more about how the full service could help you after your free session.

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Scarlet Gabriel

Trainee Hatch Coach