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🎭  30Day Life Reset™️ is an elite coaching programme designed to help high-achieving performers, coachs,  creative business owners take control of their priorities, money, lifestyle and future. With only 6 spaces available, this intimate group setting will ensure success. This unique programme can be completed over a calendar month or up to 6 weeks depending on the speed of applicants or additional time added for certain activities. 121 also available.

🏆 This programme is even more valuable due to the current state of affairs. If you allow yourself to see the opportunities in the current climate, you’ll understand that the world has changed, the security blanket you once had has gone, it’s been gone for 6 months and there’s no certainty on how or when you’ll get it back. Even if you do get it back, there’s no guarantee on what it will look like, your mindset may be the same but others may be changed forever.


🥺 Loss, redundancy, isolation, money struggles, mental health decline, companies using the worlds pain as an excuse to pay you less but work you more. Who honestly knows?  That’s why you need to take control for yourself, future proof your choices, your career, your business, future proof your life.

🎭 As Performers, we work so hard for this industry and it sometimes feels like we get nothing in return, and that was before Co-vid19. We spend excessively on our craft and talent to ensure where the best we can be, to walk into an audition room or job  and be treated like we don’t matter. To face rejection yet again, or to be at the bottom of the hierarchy. It takes its toll, mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually.

Mental Health and Performance

😡 I’m often shocked to hear how many performers are in “mad debt”, “have anxiety”, “suffer from depression”,  feel “ugly”, “fat”, feel “sh*t” at their job… and so many other things I feel are highly avoidable with the right tools in place. I’ll help you identify your strengths, build a stronger sense of self and finally stop saying “yes” to projects, people and things that don’t serve you. This way we can maximise your talent, potential and money, all of which will aid your current and future happiness.

🔥  My 30Day Life Reset™️ for Performers, not only lays the foundations for this, but also guides you to do it there and then, procrastination is not an option. You will be guided through 3 main Accelerator Modules which tackle some of the most important foundations to building personal and professional success that lasts:

Accelerator Modules

🤷🏻‍♀️Reality Cheque™️
The Ultimate Life Audit!

 You will leave with: a Birdseye view of your life, your issues, and the things that mean the most to you. With awareness comes true understanding and therefore the ability to make changes with deeper impact.

  • You will understand the impact and cost that NOT taking control of your circumstances really has.
  • You will break procrastination habits by forming clear goals and objectives that you KNOW are important to your progress.
  • Sick of watching all your friends progress, get leading roles, secure higher paid contracts, feel like you’re left behind, lost your mojo, going nowhere fast? This module will sort that!

🏆 You will address: the barriers to your success and take tangible action steps toward improving your personal/professional circumstances!

💰 MoneyMatters™️
The Ultimate Money Audit!

✅ You will leave with: a full money inventory, income and expenses assessment, a Minimum Survival Budget™️ and a DreamLife Balance™️ Budget. When you know what you spend, how much you spend and what you spend on, you can make the relevant alterations and plan with exact figures not just hypothetical terror or wishful thinking.

🏆 You will address: HOW you spend, and more importantly WHY you spend, are you hiding behind your shopping habits to mask the pain of something else? Excessive spending is a mindset issues, and I’ll help you tackle the root of the problem. This is essential to lasting change as without this mindset work, you will continue to repeat the same negative cycles,  patterns and behaviours that have kept you from achieving you financial goals, or even creating them in the first place #fearoffailure.

🏝 DreamLife Balance™️
The Ultimate Self-Empowerment & Self-Creation Module

✅ You will leave with: an in depth analysis of who you truly want to be deep down and work out how you want to run your life/ career/ business. You will understand how your peers, family, friends and circumstances can be the bad influences that are holding you back from your greatness.

  •  You will redesign yourself based on who you want to be and what YOU want in life, NOT based on what people around you are doing, thinking or feeling about you. How important is that in our industry!?

🏆 You will address:  your time management, organisation, success habits. You’ll no longer struggle with career/life balance, or feeling like you’re faking it for the gram.

You will design YOUR DreamLife Balance™️, unique to you, the days of wishing for what other people have is over!

✅ Who is This Programme For?

30Day Life Reset™️ for Performers is for entrepreneurial  performers, influences, creative business owners like coaches, make up artists… who want to take control of their priorities, money, lifestyle and future. It’s for people who understand the value of mindset, people who may have tried self-help books, motivational tapes, lots of online freebies, or other programmes but still aren’t getting the results they need, that’s because something is missing, the key ingredient to your success; YOU!

🧬My methodologies are focused on what YOU bring to the table and what I can get out of you with my I.C.U method™️. It’s all bespoke by nature and there’s no such thing as one size fits all because it doesn’t.

❌ Who is This Programme NOT For?

Time wasters, people interested in quick fixes, people who aren’t willing to MAKE the time needed to do the work. Needy people, whiney ‘woe is me’ people, people who say they’ll do something but always find an excuse at the last minute, people who thrive on drama, negativity and self- sabotage, people who care more about the number of likes they get on social over the content of their soul.

🚫I’m zero tolerance, I’m not here for it. I’m a no BS person and a no BS coach, that’s how I got to where I am today and how I get my clients their results:

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Watch me explain the programme (bad sound warning, spontaneous filming). See insta landing page also.

My life’s work is in performance and self-empowerment and now I am able to combine all of my skills into an exciting selection of programmes. I love working with high achievers who like myself are relentless in their perseverance for happiness, success and the greater good. My work is high-level, high-energy, high-impact and genuinely changes lives on multiple levels.

30-Day Life Reset™️ is an elite coaching programme designed to help high-achieving performers and creative business owners take control of their priorities, money, lifestyle and future. With only 8 spaces available, this intimate group setting will ensure success. This unique programme compresses  months worth of transformation into 6 weeks. How? My I.C.U Method™️ and Doctors Orders™️ framework, tried and tested time and time again.

6 Week Transformational Accelerator Group Programme – £1,498 Investment

6 Week Transformational Accelerator 121 Programme – £4,998 Investment – Have me in your back pocket for queries, questions, worries, wobbles, last minute advice, reassurance, second opinion, draft messages, you name it, I’ve got you – I only work with 2 VIP 121 clients at a time to ensure the highest possible quality and output.

$31.5k sale after 1 phone call with me ( call 4 of 6)

🤷🏼‍♀️ Common Questions or Concerns 

“I don’t have the time” – I’m gonna be firm here, no-ones going to hand you an extra 5 hours because you’re struggling. You have to MAKE the time. This programme is about helping you see what’s important, what’s a priority and what you should STOP wasting your time on. Time watching Netflix is time for the programme, time gossiping to your friend about the latest drama is time for the programme. I’m a performer, creative and multiple business owner so trust me when I say I understand not having the time. But no one knows sacrifice like performers so why not actually sacrifice for yourself for once, make yourself richer instead of someone else. Multitask, sacrifice 15 mins of gym time, sleep time, food time, sex time, it all adds up. Whatever it takes to get this done. This programme is a change for a better life. If you want that life, you’ve gotta come get it!

“I don’t have the money” – You don’t have the money because you spend your time doing things that don’t generate money, this programme will. When your mindset is on point, your goals set, and your success actions taken, you will be aiming directly for more money. But that doesn’t help me right now, you say. I know, but I’m trying to show you that this investment into yourself will pay for itself ten fold. Remember my client who got a 3k payrise? That’s 2x her investment. Remember the one who got £31.5k after 1 session, that’s £30,503 made off the back of working with me, that’s enough for whatever you put on your DreamLife Balance planner. As creatives we’ve all found the money for what we need, headshots, showreels, photoshoots, studio time, isn’t it time you invested in yourself?! Do you not at least owe yourself that after all your hard work? Borrow, ask, take one of my instalment plans, talk to me. If you want this, I’ll make it happen for you!

“I’ve bought courses/ programmes in the past and didn’t have great results?” I hear that but have you ever worked with me? Because if you had, we wouldn’t be discussing this. Answer me this, did you do your due diligence on the person you bought from? Did you check their information, testimonials, online content? Did you talk to them about their skills their attitude, their values, their passions? The truth is many people are selling themselves as “professional”, “experts”, “coaches” and whatever new name is floating about to make sales. I saw a woman who claimed to be a “confidence coach”, I went to her website which mentioned make up, (to be fair to her I understand why she made the connection from make up to confidence, we all feel sexy with a new lippy), she then said she’d done an online course and is now fully versed in confidence! Errrm? Ok. I thought to myself ‘so if she’s a confidence coach then what on earth am I? No one knows more about confidence than a performer standing in front of thousands, being rejected daily. I’ve worked on TV, Theatre, Radio, celebrity backing vocals, you name it, I’ve done it so that gives me even more clout! But we’re talking about coaching, ok. My coaching diploma is level 5, highest in the UK, degree equivalent, not only that I passed with distinction, not “pass”, not “merit”, DISTINCTION! The highest of the high! Add that to my decade of performing, my decade of self empowerment work on myself and others, my six years running a youth empowerment business… you know what, you tell me who you’d prefer to learn from? To be honest I spend so much time “doing” the work, I rarely post about it. So please book a call with me, put me through my paces, make sure I’m right for you. If we don’t vibe,  we don’t, it’s fine. I know I gel best with certain people and I know I prefer to work with certain people, it is what is is, but just try! No success ever came from inaction! 

“Can’t I just read a book, listen to motivational tapes and scroll inspirational pages on insta, it’s much cheaper?”

Yeah you can, I started that way back in 2010, did that get me where I am today? A little. But the book can’t respond to your current situation, you can’t pick up the phone to the book when you need answers, the book was probably written years ago, you know how fast this world is changing, can the book tell you how to deal with the pandemic? The book was written for a wide audience, its not bespoke, I am, a book doesn’t take into account your very specific and unique situation. I do! My I.C.U method™ is exactly that. A motivational tape can’t offer you a hug, I can 🥰 Listen, I love me some Abraham Hickes, that chick has got me through so much. I love me some ‘The power of concentration’, I practically know that book off by heart 🤦🏽‍♀️ also got me through an awful tour! But these are ADD -ONS they cannot and do not replace the human interaction and the need for quick, changing results dependent on circumstances. Ok I’m not gonna go there with artificial intelligence vs humans, go watch a film for that 😜  Book a call, talk to me!

“Let me ask my partner”– I get this one I really do, and one of the great things about meeting my partner at T Harv Eker’s ‘Millionaire Mind Seminar’ back in 2010, was that we BOTH went through the same journey. If I say “D, I’m putting it in my LTFS jar” he knows what I’m talking about. If I say “Babe, I’m struggling to rewire my brain for my money blueprint ,he gets it”. But if I say “omg I’m knackered cos I was touring one nighters” he can’t relate, he’s never done it, he doesn’t know what’s involved and may think I’m making excuses or being ‘lazy’. This is the danger when seeking approval from someone who is not of the same mindset or headspace. I’m not saying go against your partner, spend all the money in your joint account and tell them to “suck it cos you ain’t on my vibe!” But just understand that your success is exactly that, YOURS, no one will ever know how much you want or need it more than you. No one will ever fight for your dreams more than you. So the same way your partner may not understand your need for this programme, I can’t want you to join it more than you want it for yourself (even though I often do cos my I.C.U kicks in). Talk to me, let’s work it out together