From preschool productions to international star of stage and screen; it wasn’t an easy ride…

Work includes:


I’m currently on the first UK tour of smash hit West End/Broadway production Waitress the Musical. Prior to that SIX, Kinky Boots and GhostI’ve performed on all major UK TV channels, performed, in some of the most luxurious 5* venues, with/ for some of the most wonderful celebrities including Peter Andre, Baby Spice Emma Bunton and numerous sports stars.


Despite the glitz and glam, my upbringing was anything but; single-parent household, poverty, domestic violence, a boyfriend in prison, bullying, suicidal thoughts, seeing a gun, and all that before I turned 16! Through hard work and sheer determination I turned my life mantra from “Life is s*** and then you die!” to “Life is what you make it, so make it great!”


“If the world is a stage… live your best show” ™ 

I used to hate myself and my past. Although I wouldn’t wish my upbringing on anyone, but I use the pain of my past to fuel the excellence of my future and to inspire others to do the same through specialist designed programmes. So join me on this fabulous journey called life, and let’s create a ‘show’ to remember!

I can’t wait to get some new footage to you, until then theres some newer footage on my IG xx
“There’s a light that shines out of you and we’re so lucky to have that light in our show.”

Darren Carnall

UK Associate Choreographer, Kinky Boots the Musical

"A dynamic, energetic performer who owns the stage. She gives each project 100%. A unique personality and an asset to our team."

Sarah W. Account Manager

JLA – The UK’s biggest specialist agency

"Sing up a storm on that ship. We love you, your talent and energy. We are very lucky to have you on this contract."

Amanda Talbot De Hoyos

Grayboy Entertainment – P&O Australia


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Scarlet Gabriel is agency represented and is on Spotlight: Ride Personal Management

Stuart Dawes: / 01273 555605