In short, having a Life Coach is like having a personal trainer for your mind, someone who lovingly puts you through your paces, keeps you accountable and supports your personal development by getting you from where you are now to where you want to be in a much shorter time than if you were to walk alone.  See below for some detailed results and client testimonials:


Profession: Professional Singer

Came to coaching for: Low self-esteem in industry

Issue: Beating herself up over things on a daily basis, belittling her efforts big and small which led to  limiting her potential and therefore financial scope

Process: I got to the root of the low self-esteem; Rachel’s need for other people’s approval. I worked on retraining Rachel’s brain to improve her self-love, self-empowerment and self-esteem. 

Achievements & Success:

  • Secured music agent
  • Strengths uncovered
  • A process to improve practical performance
  • EVERY area of life saw an increase in happiness and confidence.
  • Confidence TRIPLED!!!!!!

Programme Duration: 6-weeks Life Coaching


Profession: Professional Boxer, Speaker, Model

Came to coaching for: Clarity with true passion

Issue: Frustration, lack of clarity, wasting time and losing money on unfulfilling projects. Offering services he didn’t truly enjoy just for the sake of the money. 

Process: I got to the root of the Jovan’s passion,  identifying and tackling the deeper aspects in his life that were driving the unsuccessful decisions and stopping his progress

Achievements & Success:

  • Clarity on purpose, passion,
  • Clarity on the impact he wants to have on the world.
  • Clarity on his ideal target audience
  • Clarity on his ideal earnings
  • Clarity on his ideal sectors to pursue.

Programme Duration: 1 hour ICU session


Profession:  Semi-Retired West End Performer

Came to coaching for: Feeling Stuck, not sure of direction, feeling quite down.

Issue: Lack of clarity around next steps in performing career. Feeling overwhelm which was causing inaction.

Process: I dug deeper into Joseph’s situation. His emotions were not uncommon for more experienced performers. I helped him see the options he had.

Achievements & Success:

  • More Clarity on direction
  • Previously undone tasks completed
  • More Positive Outlook on things

Programme Duration: 6 weeks


Many people call themselves coaches but are in fact mentoring you. There isn’t necessarily anything wrong with that but I like to make sure my clients know the difference so they can choose the best method for their personal needs. “Life Coaching” follows a specific format that takes you on a step by step journey every session and ensures you take actions opposed to just wishful thinking.

It is worth noting that I am a trained Mentor, a Certified Life Coach (level 5) and an experienced Consultant and programm developer. Sometimes I use the skills in isolation like LIFE COACHING but  I also combine them along with my ‘Spiritual Superpowers’ foor insane results and accelerateed growth. This magic recipe can onlybe found n my VIP programmes.

Fully Trained and Certified: 

  • Personal Performance Life Coach (Level 5 with Distinction)

  • Trained in D.I.S.C personality profiling
  • Trained Enterprise Mentor

  • TEFL Trained (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)

  • Sales NVQ (Level 2)


I trained with The Coaching Academy. See below for their achievments