ūüé≠ The Industry Insider‚ĄĘÔłŹ is¬†a unique online¬†membership programme for both¬†ASPIRING¬†and¬†SEMI PRO¬†performers. I use my signature style¬†of mixing¬†performing arts expertise¬†with¬†mental health tips¬†and¬†self improvement tools,¬†to ensure a 360 degree,¬†holistic¬†entrance to the industry and a long sustainable career that’s on your terms! This programme is designed to give you a¬†minimum¬†level of exceptional support at an affordable rate, with the option to add more sessions should you wish to delve into the industry in a deeper way.

ūüĒ• Every month you¬†get:

ONE x 30 minute session of your choice, depending on your needs at the time, this can include: 


–¬†‘Performance Masterclass’¬†(¬£38¬†value)¬†Acting through song, Monologue Work, Voice Work, Audition Technique…
–¬†‘Industry Q&A/ Advice session’¬†(¬£38¬†value)¬†What is it like to perform on a ship? How do I get an agent?¬† Do I need an agent?
–¬†‘Mental Health Support Session’¬†(¬£38¬†value)¬†How to deal with stress and anxiety, How to be more confident in my abilities, Body Positivity…


As a¬†SEMI PRO¬†performer, your needs will differ from an¬†ASPIRING¬†performer, you will have been in the industry in some way already, you will have been on a professional stage and already have a few nuggets of knowledge, you will have different questions because you’ll be facing different challenges, you need more, especially if you are wanting to develop your career and add new strings¬†to your bow…..

–¬†‘Performance Masterclass’¬†(¬£38¬†value)¬†The specific skills needed for success in: Gigging, Musical Theatre,¬†Session Singing etc
–¬†‘Industry Q&A/ Advice session’¬†(¬£38¬†value)¬†Will touring suit my needs? I’m a trained dancer, can I make it as a singer?
–¬†‘Mental Health Support Session’¬†(¬£38¬†value)¬†How to deal with stress/anxiety in the job?¬†How to stand up for myself /my needs
¬†‘Business Support Session’¬†(¬£63¬†value)¬†I want to start my own business whilst still performing, How to uplevel my social¬†media
– ‘Skill Change¬†Masterclass’¬†(¬£63¬†value)¬†at Transition from gigging musician ¬†to Musical Theatre, From Dancer to singer, From singer to Actor…What do¬† each Casting Directors look for?

If you would like more than 1 x session a month or additional Direct Message (DM) suport, please let me know and I will try to accomodate if possible.


Additional Benefits for all memberships: 
✨  No joining / set up fee
✨  1 monthly easy auto payment
✨  Cancel at anytime via paypal
✨  No travel costs as all online
✨  Additional sessions charged at membership rate 
ach. (eg 5 x ASPIRING sessions = £135 instead of £190 = £55 saving)
✨  Work with an expert in multiple Industries

‚ô•ÔłŹ¬† I get inundated with DM‚Äôs, emails, questions, comments from actors, singers, dancers, creatives¬†struggling with the industry or their mental health! I‚Äôve always been concerned with them both and what I feel is a lack of duty of care in many parts of the industry. I wanted to build a safe space¬†where they can access¬†support¬†effectively to help work through/ overcome any¬†issues as well as professional performance training to¬†encourage self¬†expression. This way¬†they can build confidence and become the best versions of themselves both onstage and in everyday life. .

ūüĒ• This unique and exclusive membership provides you with performer success habits, tips, advice, mental health support, Q&A‚Äôs, mentoring, life coaching, decades worth of performing arts, singing, music, entertainment industry knowledge, best practise, behind the scenes info and a supportive¬†group of members where we can build, grow, support each other and succeed together. When you are truly confident in yourself and your abilities, you aren‚Äôt jealous of other people, and you understand that what is meant for you will always come to you!

About me:

ūüé≠ I‚Äôm Scarlet Gabriel, international singer/actress working in West End/ Broadway productions, currently in WAITRESS the Musical, previously SIX, Kinky Boots and GHOST. I‚Äôve also worked in TV, Radio, Film, Celebrity Backing Vocals, been in a girl band, a choir, won singing competitions, been a talent show judge, trained a team of performing arts teachers and so much more!¬†

ūü§¶ūüŹĹ‚Äć‚ôÄÔłŹ I know how hard it can be to navigate the industry, and I‚Äôve learnt many lessons the hard way, literally¬†wasting hundreds of pounds, and so many years of my life listening to the wrong advice from unqualified people! I don‚Äôt want that for you!

ūü•á I‚Äôm a¬†PROFESSIONAL WORKING¬†performer, acting coach, singing coach, live performance specialist, multiple business owner, programme developer, trained teacher/educator, workshop facilitator, I teach teachers and train trainers, I’m also a¬†trained¬†enterprise/business¬†mentor…I have¬†knowledge in sales, leadership and management, marketing,¬†branding, styling, photography, design, start-up business and so much more then to top it off I’m a certified life coach (level 5 with distinction) which is the highest possible level you can get in the UK so you are in safe hands, I encourage you to use ALL my skills!

For more information on other sessions and programmes available to you, see www.ScarletGabriel.com or follow me on Instagram.com/ScarletGabriel