For ambitious performers and creative small business owners 

I work with ambitious performers and creative small business owners, so whether you need to perform onstage, online or in the boardroom, I’ve got the perfect service for you!

Quick look at what I can help you with:

  • Performance & Stage Improvement: singing, acting, presenting, acting through song, acting for camera ,…
  • Industry Mentoring: Helping you navigate the world of gigging, West End, auditions, touring…
  • Life-Coaching: Helping you identify your life goals, milestones then facilitating you to achieve them, confidence, money worries, relationships, family conflict…
  • Mental Health Chats: Talking through situations that are affecting your daily wellbeing, anxiety, confidence, low self esteem, family, peers, adult bullying…
  • Business Mentoring: Helping you structure your business ideas, strategising, marketing/branding analysis and design feedback…
  • Money Coaching: Helping you organise your finances so you can afford your life goals; savings, budgeting, buying houses, holidays, affording luxury goods …

Book yourself into any of the sessions below: Not a performer? Don’t worry I’ve still got you, can’t see what you’re looking for, use the message box at bottom of the page 🙂 

 I’m an international singer/actress working in TV, radio, celebrity backing vocals, West End/ Broadway productions. I’m a multiple business owner, industry mentor trained business mentor, certified Life-Coach and trained Octopus MoneyCoach. I’ve been writing/delivering programmes, workshops and motivational talks for decades as well as directing photoshoots, video shoots, designing websites, logos and so much more. My complete combined skillset is referred to as my ‘ICU Method™’ and is only available in my VIP programmes. I’m a high achiever and a high-performer. I strive for excellence in all I do and I want that for you too.

How to improvE

 STAGE & Performance SKILLS

Vocal coaching, acting training,voice work, stage skills improvement, industry career advice/guidance, tackling/ preventing anxiety, masterclasses, mental health support, industry secrets to success, help securing representation, help increasing exposure for your self/brand, help managing your freelance life, help increasing income from your talent, help performing live on ALL platform types/social media, help organising your freelance work life balance, help with goal setting, money worries, financial planning, tackling/ preventing anxiety, stress, mindset work, self love, body positivity, 

How to improv

LIFE & Business SKILLS

(Please read stage & performance skills + this) Life coaching, business mentoring, branding support, public speaking, personal visibility for brand awareness, camera training, styling tips, make up, presentation skills,  copy-writing, team management, staff training, introvert tips for small business owners, programme development, social media training, ideas for profit and organisation, work life balance, website advice, photography advice, secrets to success, help managing your small business life, help increasing income from your undiscovered talents or product suites,  goal setting, money worries, anxiety, stress ….


Support for Youth and VulNeRaBle Adults/ CharitiEs

Youth programme design, programme development, production planning and directing, mental health support and mentoring, providing performers for show, talks, events, youth staff training in supporting young people with differing needs

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