So over the years I have written devised, developed and executed so many programmes that I just haven’t had time to put online. Due to the nature of my intuitive skills and work, most things have been bespoke. Please see below for a sample of current programmes. 

30 DAY LIFE RESET (as demonstrated below)

THRIVE AT LIVE – 4 week performer training

30 DAY MINI CHALLENGE – 30 day DIY wellbeing training

6 WEEK WEST END CHALLENGE – (under construction) 

 LIFE OF A PERFORMER, (app under construction, which will eventually house all programmes. ) 

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Below is a selection of ‘MAJOR MODULES’ that make up part of the “30 DAY LIFE RESET PROGRAMME” 

🤷🏻‍♀️Reality Cheque™️
The Ultimate Life Audit!

 You will leave with: a Birdseye view of your life, your issues, and the things that mean the most to you. With awareness comes true understanding and therefore the ability to make changes with deeper impact.

  • You will understand the impact and cost that NOT taking control of your circumstances really has.
  • You will break procrastination habits by forming clear goals and objectives that you KNOW are important to your progress.
  • Sick of watching all your friends progress, get leading roles, secure higher paid contracts, feel like you’re left behind, lost your mojo, going nowhere fast? This module will sort that!

🏆 You will address: the barriers to your success and take tangible action steps toward improving your personal/professional circumstances!

💰 MoneyMatters™️
The Ultimate Money Audit!

✅ You will leave with: a full money inventory, income and expenses assessment, a Minimum Survival Budget™️ and a DreamLife Balance™️ Budget. When you know what you spend, how much you spend and what you spend on, you can make the relevant alterations and plan with exact figures not just hypothetical terror or wishful thinking.

🏆 You will address: HOW you spend, and more importantly WHY you spend, are you hiding behind your shopping habits to mask the pain of something else? Excessive spending is a mindset issues, and I’ll help you tackle the root of the problem. This is essential to lasting change as without this mindset work, you will continue to repeat the same negative cycles,  patterns and behaviours that have kept you from achieving you financial goals, or even creating them in the first place #fearoffailure.

🏝 DreamLife Balance™️
The Ultimate Self-Empowerment & Self-Creation Module

✅ You will leave with: an in depth analysis of who you truly want to be deep down and work out how you want to run your life/ career/ business. You will understand how your peers, family, friends and circumstances can be the bad influences that are holding you back from your greatness.

  •  You will redesign yourself based on who you want to be and what YOU want in life, NOT based on what people around you are doing, thinking or feeling about you. How important is that in our industry!?

🏆 You will address:  your time management, organisation, success habits. You’ll no longer struggle with career/life balance, or feeling like you’re faking it for the gram.

You will design YOUR DreamLife Balance™️, unique to you, the days of wishing for what other people have is over!