Did you know that how you speak about MONEY relates to how you feel about MONEY?

What you put out there – your thoughts, words and feelings – effect what you receive.

So – please – no more negative words around MONEY.

Instead of MONEY DOESN’T grow on trees – rather – MONEY DOES grow on trees.

Remember that we are energetic and vibrational beings and what we send out into THE UNIVERSE MATTERS.

Therefore, make your thoughts and words around MONEY MATTER!!

Instead of thinking that MONEY doesn’t matter to me, because my family and my dreams are most important and matter more etc etc.

Think – my family and my dreams are important to me – that is why MONEY MATTERS!!

Without MONEY – how do your dreams become reality?  How do you care for your family?

Therefore – positively confirm the importance of MONEY in your life. Positively confirm that MONEY MATTERS to you.

Like attracts like, so put positive MONEY energy out there, so that you can attract positive MONEY energy in return.

MONEY does grow on trees. MANIFEST further than trees. MANIFEST your own MONEY FOREST!!