Just 2 little words can make a massive difference to someones life.

Some thank you’s are small – shop keeper hands you change and you say thanks. The bus driver let’s you out of the front door in traffic, you say thanks. Someone hands you a drink, you say thanks. These may be automatic to some but many forget….

Then there’s the bigger thank you’s. The one’s where you pick up the phone because you made a conscious effort to let someone know how much appreciate their work, something they have done but didn’t have to do, something that may be their job to do, but it helps you all that same. It can be the thing that turns their day around, a day filled with moans and groans can melt away by the small acknowledgement that someone out there appreciates all their hard work and cares enough to make a conscious decision to let it be known.

How many times have you said thank you today? 

(Originally Written June 26th, 2014)