My Honest Truth

🥺I’ve had a tough few years, I’ve lived my absolute highest highs AND some of my absolute lowest lows. I usually only talk about things AFTER the fact but, In the words of Richard Branson “Screw it just do it”. We’re still in a global pandemic so I, like most people I am still suffering in various ways.

🏝I’m an earthy person who likes good vibes, good people, nature, doing what I love 🎤🎭 and travelling this stunning planet. But the past few years have been a ball-ache, both personally and professionally…

😡Less than desirable colleagues/situations, family situations, relationship revelations, dream job loss (SIX), Black Lives Matters fallout (as a black female with a family of black people and black males!), sexism and abuse in the press (again as a female supporting abuse victims and dealing with domestic violence in my childhood), Growing Social Media demands, expectations, algorithms (give a small business a chance for F-sake and go away all you salesy not salesy coaches wanting to sell me your half ars*d work – no offence but I’ve been in this game for a decade not just jumped on it as the latest trend!) …. etc etc

🤓When the pandemic hit I tried to keep busy to ignore the worlds problems then I overdid it (classing Scarlet 🤣) I’m exhausted…. I mean I have residual exhaustion, I was exhausted 2 years ago and I still haven’t caught a break….

I’m frustrated, my freedom has been taken away, I should be on a beach in Mallorca, my happy place, I have residual emotions that I can’t even bare to deal with right now (I’m a certified life coach I know the drill, I’m in Acceptance Theory right now, I accept that I am choosing to ignore everything and everyone that I don’t want to deal with, I will, when I’m ready!)

🥰…. But I press on because I’ve created a world for myself that consists of what I love. (Performing and helping people) so when you see me post seemingly oblivious posts is doesn’t mean I’m not going through things. It just means that I don’t want to dwell in the land of negative, misery, I want to keep working behind the scenes to help this work be an even more amazing place. Positivity has its place, and I prefer to stay there and be a ray of light for others.

😎I’ve been working on myself for over 10 years so I have a huge toolbox of well-being/self help at my disposal, I’ve adopted and learnt many coping mechanisms, including paying for my own life coach (all the best athletes, stars, celebs, CEO’s understand the power of having a team/coaches in their back pocket to keep them at peak performance) … getting counselling, having therapy sessions, running my own Reality Cheque™️ and Doctors Orders™️ methodologies on myself (proven methods that have been transforming lives from 2014 and before!) … journaling, listening to motivational self help tapes, (my list truly is endless)…

General well-being prevents mental health issues, there I said it!

🥺…But it’s still important to say I acknowledge that if I’m struggling after a DECADE of self work, how must others be feeling?! I don’t need to ask I know, my DM’s have been full with young people expressing their pain, from suicidal thoughts to actual suicidal attempts, only last week I had an bolder woman tell me she wanted to kill herself because of the pandemic specifically. It’s all just a bit too much even for me

💪🏾So my mental health awareness week is about identifying how much I’m there for everyone else and not there enough for myself. Don’t get me wrong I could NEVER receive a cry for help and ignore it, but it takes it’s toll on me too, emotionally, spiritually, professionally. It hurts my heart deeply and I need my heart to do what I do and love – Perform and support people.

Ok I’m gonna leave it here, I could go on forever

✅So here’s a few things I’ll be doing

  • Turning off DM’s on Social Media, it’s 90% spam disguised as ‘important’
  • Regular walks in the park #nature always makes me feel better and calms the mind FACT!
  • Postponing less important tasks, meet-ups including requests on social media, podcasts, takeovers etc
  • Messaging close ones to tell them I can’t support them right now as I need to take a step back for my own mental health, but allocating a time slot if they need me #boundaries
  • Daily motivation tapes in the morning #abrahamhicks
  • Daily setting intentions and gratitude “today will be a great day because…” “I am grateful for….

🙌🏾This list is long cos I’m a pro at this (10 years practising remember) but for any of you who like the idea, pick 1 to start with and see how you go.

💖Be kind to yourself. NONE of us have ever been through a global pandemic therefore NONe of us that the answers (only smarties have those 😜)

📆If you want some more structured support My @30dayminichallenge programme on Instagram is great. Go check it out

Sending love, light, positivity and good vibes,

Love Scarlet xx


‘Mindset May’

‘Mindset May’

If you want to do anything well, in any aspect of your life you need to have a good mindset

Mental health’ may be a popular topic in the media at the moment, but this does not mean it’s a fad!!

We function as Physical, Emotional, Mental and Energetic beings, therefore, none of these aspects can live in isolation, yet up until now, it has been the Physical body that society mainly focused on.

With this shift in society to a more holistic approach, Mental health is no longer isolated, and we can see what a crucial part Mental health plays in our lives.

Mindfulness allows us to consistently monitor our state of Mental health. The more we start to familiarise ourselves with our State of Mind, the more we can use the beauty that is our Mind, to enhance our daily lives in the most beautiful ways!

May is a good time to sit back and take a good look at your current mindset and see how it is either propelling you forward to achieve your goals/ dreams or whether it is holding you back!

Our ‘Mindset May’ Check-List is, therefore, a great opportunity to make a conscious effort to set aside some of your precious time and Mentally ‘check-in.’ Feel free to do this at the start of the month, weekly or even daily, whatever you feel you need or can handle 🙂

‘Mindset May’ Check-List:

  1. How am I feeling today?
  • Write down your feelings and thoughts
  • Whom do I trust to speak to so I can share what I am going through?
  • Did I get enough sleep last night?
  • Did I drink enough water?
  • Did I eat a healthy meal today?
  • Did I laugh today?
  • What am I thankful for?
  • Do something that makes you feel good.

Good Mental health begins with good Mental awareness.

Use May as a good time to raise your Mental awareness.

If you require any assistance in this area or want to pick my brain on anything “DM me” and receive personalised feedback on your query. Just fill in a quick form and I’ll get back to you with my thoughts.

Love Scarlet xx