Creating Dream-Life Balance™

Creating Dream-Life Balance™

June Dreaming

Now that we are officially halfway through the year, we can take note of where we are at with our goals for 2021 and whether or not we need to recharge or reset in order to still give ourselves the chance to accomplish our dreams and desires for 2021.

If we don’t take a step back periodically and become conscious of the true desires that fuel us, we can find ourselves quite quickly marching down the wrong path.

Summer time in the northern hemisphere fills us with light and lifts our spirits. Therefore, this is a great time to shine the light on the power of the stream of consciousness which is daydreaming.  

If we can dream it – we can achieve it!

Many of the most dynamic and innovative people in any profession –business, science, athletics, politics, the arts etc. are visionaries.

To manifest our dreams and desires into reality, we need to be able to envision them.

Dreaming is a beautiful way of manifesting or visualising. Through dreaming we give more positivity and energy into our desires and can alchemise them into reality.

Dreaming can aid creativity and problem-solving and help you realise and activate your full potential

Feel It. Believe it. Achieve it.

Daydreaming has incredible mental health and emotional benefits too. It allows us to let go and be free and to imagine a world which is beautiful and free. It has extremely powerful and nourishing effects for our soul and is a lovely stress reliever. As a performer I was literally raised to use my imagination and create alternate realities.

Life is but a Dream

We have the ability to choose what our life will be. We cannot always control what happens, but we can decide who we are, how we react, what we become, how we cope – how we dream.

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Love Scarlet xx