No, this is not a shallow statement.


Because, quite simply, without money, YOU CANNOT SURVIVE.

For the bear basics of survival like shelter, food and water, MONEY is essential.

Further to these basic fundamentals, in order to live our dreams, in order to travel, in order to live our best lives, in order to give back to others and help those in need, in order to fulfill our potential and live our truth……we need MONEY.

Therefore, to do ANYTHING, to be ANYTHING, MONEY really is EVERYTHING.

Your relationship with MONEY goes right back to your childhood.

Did you ever hear when you were growing up ‘Money doesn’t grow on trees?’

It is an age-old story that most performers and artists live in debt and in poverty. This is because true creatives prioritise their talents and their craft and don’t place MONEY first. MONEY is not at the top of their passion list, their dream list or their priorities list!

However, in order to have MONEY to create and to fulfill our creative passions and dreams that are on the top of our list, we need to place MONEY at the top of that list TOO.

So, we need to prioritise MONEY and place it on our Tree. Yes Tree!

MONEY MUST at the top of our ‘Tree of Life’ and we MUST allow it to GROW!!

So yes, MONEY DOES GROW on Trees!