The Backstory
Bernice is a 31 year old freelance communications consultant who has a “terrible” singing voice, she has always liked the idea of surprising everyone with an amazing voice one day. Bernice came for a private intensive lesson to help her decide if this was really something she wanted to take further…

After a 2 hour intensive singing lesson
“I feel more confident than I did before I came. I now realise how difficult singing actually is, especially learning to power out your voice without sounding like you’re shouting, so I now feel more compassion for those on X-Factor who seem to shout there way through songs all the time, I have even more respect for singers now.
I’ve learned some really good tips like how to remember lines for a song, maybe this can be translated into learning lines for speaking on stage and projecting my voice which is handy. I’ve always known breathing was important in singing but didn’t realise how good it was for speaking so it’s nice to now come from a place of being aware. I met a voice-over artist the other day who said her background was in theatre, so it all made sense at that point.
I found it a really enjoyable experience, it was nice not to be judged on my singing, obviously when I do it at home I have to hide because nobody likes hearing me or I tend to sing when I’m running because that’s the only times I can get away with it. I think I’d would like to continue, I think doing this session has made me realise that everyone can sing obviously we’re not all going to be amazing singers. I thoroughly enjoyed my lesson”

What happened next …
Bernice realised she wasn’t in a hurry to sing but took up a keen interest in the public speaking side after realising the power of breathing. She has gone on to take a few courses in public speaking and now has more confidence in her public presentations when consulting her clients.