Kiss My Confidence™

Kiss My Confidence™

July is all about confidence. It’s summertime – time to be confident and let yourself shine!! Mind, body and Soul. Time to tap into that beautiful self-love of yours and celebrate the beautiful being that is you!!

Having confidence doesn’t mean that everything in your life is swimming along perfectly. Besides, what is perfect? To be confident doesn’t have to mean that your bank balance is healthy or that you are no longer in debt or that there are no troubles in your relationship or with your health etc. etc.

No, to be confident is to embrace self-acceptance.

Allow yourself to feel the easy ebb and flow of a summer breeze and to accept yourself in the present moment, to embrace all that you are and all the potential that you can become. Confidence is accepting that everything is exactly as it should be.

Go easy on yourself and be present.

Allow your confidence to shine and let you thrive through all of the stages that take you to completing your goals and beyond. You deserve every moment of your journey, so celebrate with confidence every step of the way.

Let July remind you that floating on the summer breeze can be a daily practice of bringing joy into your life and flowing through life’s up’s and down’s with constant confidence that you can ride the waves instead of resisting them.

Yes – we have goals and goals are important – they give us direction to grow and create beautiful abundance in our lives – but let us not forget that life is a journey, not a destination.

Therefore, we may be pursuing an end goal, but it is the journey to that goal that provides us with beautiful growth, life experience and infinite wisdom.

If you are not happy in the present moment, then you are not happy with life, as life is happening in the now. So, have the confidence to celebrate all that you are in this present moment, along with all that you will become as you grown and learn along the way.

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Love Scarlet xx